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Friday, April 17, 2009

I say, "What about Breakfast At Tiffany's"

I can remember the first time I watched "Breakfast at Tiffany's".  I was a goofy new freshman in college, cozied up in my PJ's on my crummy dorm bed with 2 other girl's and I was transported.  Taken away from late teen acne, and college woes to a world that amazed me.  
Audrey, Parties, Baubles, Diamonds, That Hat, Those Glasses.... 
Now that I am in the business of Parties, I can't begin to tell you how much that film inspires me.  Classic Elegance and Whimsy at the same time.  Simplicity with a touch of crazy mixed in for fun.  Those are descriptions of parties I like having for myself, and guides to the invites and events I design for other's.

Obviously, You start with the three basic colors; Tiffany Blue, White, and a hint of Black.  The whole event from start to finish can be covered with that palette, the invites, the decor, the favors.  Like I said simple and elegant!!

Today I am going to focus solely on the invites.  And I am gonna throw out more details than normal to show you how easy and fun this can be.  
You Can Do It!!!

This is a simple A7 sized (5x7) invite.  I started with a Tiffany Blue colored cardstock.  Paper Source has a very good match called Pool.  Then I formatted my text.  I used two fonts, one simple for all the pertinent details and another with more flourish to set the tone of the bridal shower.  
Next I took a still  from the film - thanks Google Images.  I made high quality prints on photo paper from my reliable desktop home printer, and affixed the photo using standard double stick tape. 
Then using a 3mm double faced satin ribbon I made a bow around the whole invite.  I will say that when making petite bows like this practice makes perfect.  Don't be discouraged if your first few aren't perfect.  Try practicing on a blank piece of stock.  Once you are happy with the bow and it is positioned on the invite you can use a tiny bit of double stick on the back to keep it in place, if it is snug then you won't even need the tape.  
The last touch is jewelry dahling!!  I used 4 tiny self adhesive pearls to dramatize the photo a bit.  Audrey needs her bling.

For this blog I have also made a separate sample to show how a simple invite can be altered and decked out to the nines. 

I Printed on Pool 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock.  I used the same fonts as before and I could fit 2 invites per sheet of paper.  For the outer layer of the invite I used a standard white 5x5 pre-folded cardstock.  I then cut my pool printed layer down to a 4x4 square and mounted it on the
 inside of the invite using double stick tape on all four corners.  Inside Complete!! 

For the exterior I started by using a table top cutter to take an inch off of the front right flap.  you can use an exacto as well.  I think the little glimpse of the colorful inside is enticing.  
Again, I ripped a photo from the internet.  This time I chose a color photo.  
On the previous invite I used pearls at an accent, on this one I mounted the photo on two layers of cardstock to give it a bit of a graphic pop.  Super simple to do folks, just measure your photo, then add 1/4 of an inch around it for the first layers measurement, and add 1/2 of an inch around it for the second layers measurements.  Then stack them all together using-- you guessed it double stick tape.
Next, make a bow around the whole invite, and remember to be patient.

And there you have a package just as delightful as that little blue box... 
well almost.
Cue Hollywood Music.....  THE END!!

A little inspiration.

For more Breakfast at Tiffany's inspiration go to
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