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Thursday, May 26, 2011

2 Hearts B 1 Designs on California Adventure TV!

Happy almost Friday everyone!

Do you remember about a month ago, when we said we had an exciting announcement to make? The announcement was that we were asked to film a short segment for California Adventure TV, a show on a local station about the exciting activities California has to offer.

Well, we are happy to announce that the segment will be airing tomorrow!

Make sure to tune in tomorrow, May 27th, 2011, to California Adventure TV at 6:00 a.m. on channel KCAL9 (or set your DVR if it's too early ;)

For those of you who won't be able to watch or record, the segment can be found on YouTube here.

Special thanks to Cole, Crystal, and everyone who helped put together this segment at California Adventure TV. You rock! :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Collaboration

Hello! Hope everyone is having a great week so far. 
Can you believe that this weekend is Memorial Day weekend? I can't! This year has been flying by.
And it is officially Wedding Season which means we are busy as little bees around here creating, assembling, name it.

We have been meaning to share our Spring (and Easter) collaboration shoot with Sweet E's. The sweets they created are so unbelievably adorable, and we were excited to create coordinating tags and labels.

Hope you enjoy the spring inspiration! And the spring weather while you're at it :)

Adorable pretzel sticks

 Cake Lollipops

 Cake Pops

 How adorable is this cake? Almost too cute to eat! ;)
 Cookies on a stick

 Chocolate covered spring Oreos

Bunny Whoopie Pies...too.stinking.cute.

Happy Spring!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dads and Grads

Crafts and goodies and fun pretty gifts are not just for the ladies in your life
With Father's Day approaching and Graduation here.  
I have a gift idea for the manly men on your gift buying list.
Recently, I made a gift bag for a male friends 40th birthday.  But it wasn't really a gift bag.  
No, it was a MAN BOX!!!!
I took a regular cardboard box and covered it with plain old wrapping paper.  I chose a light blue paper for this outside layer and brown glitter paper for my inside layer. No need to line it all the way inside because the stuffing and gifts will cover most of the inside of the box.

I found beautifully grass like shredded paper and sparkling swirly sticks from Moskatels in downtown Los Angeles. Then I got some glasses from Crate and Barrel.  They are called buzz glasses, and that is a suitable name for them.
I filled them with nostalgic candy. Gumballs, dum dums, red vines, and chocolate sports balls. All found at the local pharmacy. I then wrapped them with cello bags and polka dotted ribbon that were just left over scraps I had laying around.

Next, I went to Big 5 to find some sports themed and Laker inspired recyclable bags to play in my background, Los Angeles dodgers pez dispenser and a baseball bat filled with sunflower seeds. As well as some golf balls and tees.
If I would have had more room, I would have stuck in some beer to top it off.

So, don't worry about what to get Dad, hubby, brother or fiance!  

Make it a MAN BOX!

Now, please, try it yourself and I would love to see your gift box themed ideas.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{Featured} Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Hi everyone!

Recently our work was featured with delicious sweets by Sweet E's Bake Shop in a gift guide by Minnie Rose designer Lisa Shaller-Goldberg. She put together a list of her favorite things for Mother's Day this year; and we can't help but agree with her choices! :)

Mother's Day is this weekend, and what better way to treat your mom than to something pretty and something sweet :)

You can go to Sweet E's website to peruse their fabulous desserts, and order customized tags (by yours truly) to go with them.

Or, contact us directly if you need a custom tag or wrapping for another special Mother's Day gift!

1. Minnie Rose - visit for more information

2. Kara Ackerman - Shop online at

3. Sweet E's Bake Shop - 1417 S. Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035
(323) 422-8885


Kraft paper.  
Who knew that something so simple, and reusable could be so darned cute.
The beauty of kraft is that it is a literally blank canvas and can be used for any occasions, holidays or craft projects!

Here are also some cool creative ways to gift wrap with craft.

Ribbons and bows

Stamps and layers

Woven simplicity

You can also decorate your pad with kraft paper.  Flags, mod circles, paper canvases on the wall and these nifty homemade pom poms.
Here is a how to on the poms.
Fun, fun, fun!

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