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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{Special Project} Survival Kits

Ever wondered how to break the ice with a new group of people? Whether it be coworkers, organization members, or colleagues, sometimes its nice to have an "ice breaker" activity to help get the conversation flowing.

We wanted to share a recent project we did for Medtronic to serve this purpose.

We put together a "Survival Kit" to help the team members during their board meeting to get to know each other, build morale, and to realize they are all in the same boat together.

We simply filled a kraft paper bag with all kinds of goodies....

How are all these items significant, you may wonder?
Read the custom tag below :)

We attached this custom tag to each bag to add that personal touch.

A sweet way to get to know one another and motivate teamwork, don't ya think?

Let us know if your company/group/class is needing an ice breaker activity like this survival kit...we are happy to customize the kit to you and create a custom tag with your logo on it! :)

It's guaranteed to be a hit!

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