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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

{Logo Design} Strings of Strength

  When I was younger, I was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and was given only 6 months left to live by my doctors. So I know the value and importance of what it means to have community support and involvement towards a cause. My family benefited from my local Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles RonaldMcDonald House, Make-a-Wish Foundation, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, as well as my fellow neighborhood coming together to hold can drives and bake sales in my honor to raise money for my fight against cancer. All of those caring people involved helped me to be the healthy successful woman that I am today. Thankfully, I became a miracle instead of a statistic. Cancer taught me adversity. “No” was not an answer. “Death” was not an option. My mind set was focused on only LIFE. I knew that I was meant for great purpose, and I was given a second chance at life. Now I am here sharing my talents and passions, through my baby,
2 Hearts B 1 Designs.
With every closed door, I found a window and failure was no option for me.
My boutique business has offered me the opportunity to help others celebrate life’s great moments.
Because of what I have been through, I therefore give back when the opportunity presents itself. I have donated my time, effort, energy, designs, and paper goods towards charitable events, galas, and auctions to raise funds for great causes in my community. 

 Most recently, destiny brought me to meet Shari Woldenberg. She had this beautiful idea of creating a specific piece of jewelry with a dorje charm that symbolizes "indestructible" with different colors of string to identify the support of patients and health related charities.  I was honored and touched to hear her story. Shari is a 10 year survivor of non-hodgkins lymphoma and an allogeneic transplant. Since that time, she has wanted to find a way to empower patients undergoing similar health challenges. We bonded over “Strings of Strength” and the commonality of us both being cancer survivors. I was excited to be able to help her start-up business by donating my efforts to create her a logo and develop her brand. In return, I gained one of her necklaces representing Stand up to Cancer and a beautiful friendship in the process. Our two hearts are now strung together as one.
Before her diagnosis, Shari had visited the Himalayas and purchased some Tibetan prayer beads. They consisted of the beads and two silver charms hanging from a silk tassel.
Each charm means something, and one of them in particular is a symbol meaning
"diamond thunderbolt" or "indestructible."
She hoped that these symbols of encouragement would help other patients going through similar challenges. Shari instructed that she wanted to incorporate the similar shape formation of the charm into her logo. So I used the intricate design of the charm as inspiration for the swirled design in the background.

Each necklace showcases this "indestructible" charm (called a "dorje"), from your choice of several different color cords. Each color represents a different charity, and $5 from each purchase goes toward that charity. For example, this purple cord on this necklace represents the
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
When you purchase this necklace, $5 goes towards supporting the NCADV.

The other colors they offer (and the charities they support) are:

To read Shari's story and to purchase one of these beautiful pieces in support of a charity
or to honor a special loved one affected by a terminal illness.
Visit the Strings of Strength website here and spread the hope and love!

What a wonderful thing to purchase a piece of jewelry that is simple, affordable ($38), pretty and stylish. Best part is knowing that your purchase helps support such worthwhile causes!
How special is that?


Adam Addison said...

Very different style and good looking. Thanks for uploading.logo design uk

Redspect said...

"If you haven't any charity in your heart you have the worst kind of heart trouble" to cure it help people, let's unite for one good cause, be a volunteer"save lives"!

Garima Pal said...


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