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Friday, January 22, 2010

Harajuku Shower

I had a client who asked me to make baby shower invitations with this as my inspiration.

She was creating a rock and roll, harajuku lover, gwen stefani type vibe for her girlfriend's baby shower.

These girls have loads of inspiration. They inspired Gwen, and they totally inspired these invites.
I used hot pink and black, drawing from the photo of the dolls that the client sent me.

Here are my samples. Still waiting to hear from her.
Can guess which one she chooses.

The first invite is a simple #10 size card.
I jazzed it up by using a backing paper of stardream azalea. This adds color, contrast and a thickness that makes the invite seem more substantial.
I also rounded the corners which makes any plain old card look chic.
I used these awesome japanese graphic girls for all the invites!!

For the second sample I did an homage to the kimono.
I started with a half moon enclosure. Then added some piping, and made the obi belt out of my graphic paper.

The invite slips right in to the enclosure!!

For all of the invites I used the same print formatting, A great source for freee and inexpensive fonts is
Bring in da noise, bring in da font!!!!

Peek a boo!!

For my third sample I used a gatefold card. Secured the invite to the backing and then decorating the hidden flap.
I then used a circle hole punch on the top flap to reveal a bit of my harajuku girl.
I loooove the reveal when this invite is opened

My last sample could be my fave. But how do you really choose between your babies??

This invite is all about the layers. The stardream envelopment, the shimmery black backing paper and the crisp bold invite.
The whimsical touch is the closure.
Notice the ribbon in my girls hair. I love her!!

Stay tuned to see what my client picks. Any ideas???
Results will be revealed.

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