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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love of a Lifetime

We all know that the love of a man or a woman may fade away. Boyfriends may come and go.

For some of us Valentine's Day is the best holiday of the year, and for others... not so much.

Well, wait until you have a child. Every day seems like Valentine's Day, and you experience a love that never fades and lasts a lifetime!

Recently, I had the privilege of designing and creating a scrapbook for a client's daughter Chloe. It was in celebration of her first year of life.

I know, she will grow up and look back lovingly at the precious memories in this scrapbook that were cherished and shared between her and her mother.

That's what I call a sweet valentine!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wrap It Up!

Well, the holidays may have come and gone, but beautiful wrapping and presentation can always be appreciated!

This is just a sampling of some of the gift wraps we created during the past holiday season.

This first package just goes to show, that anything can be wrapped! And, not just wrapped, but wrapped with style!

We were asked to wrap two of these Keith Haring kids chairs for a client who has twins.
A red chair for the daughter and blue chair for the boy.

We decided to decorate a box and then sit both chairs in securely. Layering a metallic red, a glittery blue and a multi colored spot paper on the box. Then accenting with red and blue tissue and ribbon.

I think we nailed the pop ethos of both Keith Haring and the client.

The next two presents are so awesome looking, but so simple to do. All you need to do is pick three components.

1. base paper, to wrap around the gift
2. sash paper to make a "belt" around the wrapped gift
3. ribbon to tie it all up with

This three step wrapping is a simple way to make any gift look remarkable!

Gift baskets are always an excellent choice.

All you have to do is name a theme, name a price point, and voila you have a beautiful basket of love to give!

This gift basket was filled with home goods, like candles, teas, towels, sweets and soaps!

We used coordinating colors of goodies, paper, ribbons and tissue, Drawing on a Christmas inspiration.

The best gift for 2 Hearts B 1 Designs is that I get to be a part of your memorable events year round. I love getting to be there for some of the most important events in your lives and it truly fills me with joy that you have chosen us to help make those events special!

Happy New Year wishes, from 2 Hearts B 1!

(a bit late, I know!)

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