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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Result is in!

The result ended up being the envelopment one was the favorite. Although, my client modified it from the previous horizontal design into a vertical one.
She also loved to have a touch of ribbon, so we came up with a belly band idea using black satin ribbon and the harajuku girl as the buckle that held it all together. The harajuku girl paper I scalloped punch from a flat sheet that is called Japanese Collage paper. You can find it at Paper Source.

My dearest thanks go out to Annie Pierce and Elizabeth Upton who were my helpers to put this project into full swing.

My suggestion for invites is dressing up an envelope. That's the first thing that your guests see before opening your invite. It's your first impression. Anyone would be happy to get something in the mail that is colorful and festive. So, skip the plain o'l white boring envelope and pizazz it with a little fun. I used a stardream onyx envelope. I scalloped punch another harajuku girl for the envelope, so that there is a sense of continuity throughout. I custom created 2.5" return address circle labels for the back flap of the envelope. A great source for labels in They have an assortment of colors, sizes and shapes to suit your needs.
My next blog will feature save-the-dates. Some will be my designs as well as some will be inspirations from others. Stay tuned!

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