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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday A to Z Guide :: J is for Jute Cord...

Today's holiday inspirations are all about details…the small, pretty details that make any gift or gathering special! So without further ado, let's get to it!

J is for Jute Cord…

Jute cord or twine is a strong cord made of natural fibers…in fact, it's made of the same material that burlap is made of. Jute cord gives any project a little bit of a rustic quality, and is a lovely addition to table details or gift wrap.


We created these menus last year for a gorgeous wedding in Santa Barbara wine country. The small jute detail gave them a pretty rustic elegance, and this idea could easily be modified for a holiday party menu or invitation.


A simple piece of jute cord tied around a pretty box is rustic elegance at it's best. So easy yet so effective!


This image actually segues perfectly into our next item, because it marries both jute cord and kraft paper together. They added a simple contrasting sash (how lovely would something in gold, or burgundy, or silver look for the holidays?) and made a beautiful gift anyone would love to receive.

K is for Kraft…

Ahh, how we love kraft. If you've followed our blog for awhile, you've heard us sing it's praises before, and we still love it. It can be used for any event detail (place cards, menus, invitations), not to mention gift wrap.

We love to use it as an envelope to give invitations that understated elegance that is always in style.

These place cards by Style Me Pretty would be a gorgeous touch to a holiday table.

And again, the simplicity of these packages tied with a beautiful bow would make a gorgeous statement under your Christmas tree!

Brown paper packages tied up with strings,
These are a few of my favorite things!

L is for Lace…

Lace is timeless, traditional, and classic. It can be used in subtle ways to keep your holiday feeling modern and pretty. We used lace in these wedding invitations to evoke a very elegant, romantic feel, and the same can be done for holiday details, especially when it comes to gift wrap.


When we came across these packages on Pinterest, we fell in love! They bring together lace and kraft, two of our favorite things! And one package even ties on an ornament with jute cord! Be still my heart...


And we loved this idea of tying a fresh sprig of pine to your package, with a tartan print, and red and white baker's twine. So. So. Cute.

M is for Monograms…

When you think monograms you may think weddings, but a monogram is a beautiful way to incorporate your family's name into holiday cards, return address labels, or even gift tags.

Jillian created this handwritten calligraphy monogram, and then used it as a motif for the couple's wedding invitations. They also incorporated it into tags to tie on the outside of the invitation, menus, and programs.

This idea could easily be modified for holiday gift tags; the monogram would be at the top, and instead of the wedding information, you'd have a simple "To" and "From." Gorgeous!

Or how about incorporating it into festive details like cocktail napkins, an art print, or even an ornament? So many ideas for cuteness, we can hardly stand it!

We hope today's ideas inspired you to play with the details for your next holiday affair…whether it's tying a simple piece of jute around a jar of goodies, adding a sash of lace to a package, or incorporating your monogram, there are so many ways to personalize and festive-ize (yes, I just made that word up) your holiday!

Happy wrapping and happy personalizing!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday A to Z Guide :: G is for Gift Baskets...

We're so glad you're here to join us for the third installment of our Holiday A to Z Guide! (To see posts 1 and 2, go here and here).

With only about a week left to do your shopping, planning, baking, and merry-making, we want to give you some practical tips, inspiration, and fun of course!

So here we go!

G is for Gift Baskets…

Fill a beautiful basket with the receiver's favorite things, and voila! You have a beautiful, thoughtful, meaningful gift that gets sweeter with each opened package. Gift baskets never go out of style! 

H is for Holiday Cards…

We showed you these holiday cards here, and just have to show you them again because they're some of our favorites! Your cards should be a reflection of you, and we always love a photo card! Even though it's too late to order Christmas cards, if you need a special order for New Year's, let us know!

I is for "I Heart…" (Things We're Loving This Season!)

Here's a small list of some of the things we're loving this season…

I heart gold home accessories

We love this collection of gold entertaining essentials put together by the fabulous Glitter GuideSwoon. For more info on these products, go here.

I heart twine


Whether it's tying up packages, wrapping up baked goodies, or tying together utensils for an informal gathering, twine has so many uses! We use baker's twine (like this one) all the time, for a multitude of projects. Do yourself a favor and pick up a spool, and see how often you reach for it!

I heart cake mixes


This time of year, you're entertaining, gift-giving, and often needing a quick and easy recipe--so in steps the simple yet often overlooked cake mix! There are so many ways you can dress up a cake mix for a simple and quick bar, cookie, or cupcake…the options really are endless! Cake Mix Recipes by Gooseberry Patch is one of our favorite sources for all things cake mix (and it would even make an adorable gift to give with your baked treats!)

So there you have it…your Monday round-up of holiday inspiration! Come back every day this week as we round out our Holiday A to Z Guide, just in time for Christmas!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday A to Z Guide :: D is for Damask...


Today we're continuing our Holiday A to Z Guide by bringing you the D, E, and F of a fabulous and fun holiday! If you missed A through C, go here to catch up!

So, without further ado, we bring you:

D is for Damask...

Look how gorgeous this damask print looks as a background for these holiday cards. I love how the intricacies of the snowflake play off the detailed damask pattern. The black and white keep it feeling elegant and formal, and the pops of red from the text and the photo give just the right amount of color!

E is for Edible Delights…

Like these adorable ornament cake pops from our friends at Sweet E's Bake Shop!

Check out the rest of their selection of holiday sweets here.
We love how sweet treats like these are so fun and unique; they're sure to put a smile on anyone's face!
If you're more inclined to make your own treats at home, cheers to you! Here's a few ideas that inspire us to break out our baking pans and spatulas:

Beautiful joy cookies, nestled in a gift box.

Adorable North Pole cupcakes! Seriously, how cute are these?

Wouldn't any of these sweets look spectacular wrapped in pretty wrapping, a gorgeous bow, and a custom tag? So simple, yet such a magnificent impact.

F is for Feathers…

Who says feathers and holidays don't go together?
They're delicate, elegant, and sometimes whimsical…the perfect detail for a unique holiday card or Christmas tree!

Here's a few examples of how we've incorporated feathers in a few invitations over the years, and how this idea could be transformed into a beautiful holiday version.

This gorgeous wedding invitation had a fabulous leopard print detail inside (for more info on these, go here), and the long wispy feathers were sealed with a red monogram wax seal.
It doesn't take long to see how feathers like these would look lovely in your holiday decor, as shown here:

And here:

They almost look snow-like! So pretty.

Another way we've incorporated feathers is with this baby shower invitation. We attached a beautiful peacock feather on the front of the invite, and this would be so lovely incorporated into a holiday card! The peacock print liner would be gorgeous if your holiday cards incorporated blues, purples, greens, or silvers…love.

See how peacock feathers are popping up in Christmas decor?




We just love this jewel tone color palette.
So if you're in the mood to try something a little different this season, why not incorporate feathers (or a damask print!) into your decor and/or cards? We think you'll be glad you did! :)

Thanks for stopping by today, & join us Friday for the G, H, and I of our Holiday A to Z Guide!

Happy decorating!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday A to Z Guide

Can you believe Christmas is a little over three weeks away?

This time of year always seems to fly by, with holiday activities filling evenings and weekends. Here at 2 Hearts B 1 we are in full-swing holiday mode, and we thought we'd put together a collection of some of our ideas, tips, and tricks to help you out with your holiday preparations as well.

We've put together an A to Z Holiday Guide sharing our inspirations with you, 2 Hearts B 1 style :)

So check back often to see what we have to share...and please share your own useful tips and tricks in the comments below! We'd love to hear from you!

So without further ado, let's begin!

A is for Addressing...

Give your holiday cards a little extra flair this year with a pretty envelope (these are shimmer black), handwritten addressing, and a pretty sticker or decal to set the tone. A beautiful sight!

B is for Bows…

Nothing makes a present pop like a big, beautiful, luxurious bow!
When it comes to ribbon, our favorite is double sided satin, and the thicker, the better.
Here's a simple tutorial on how to tie the perfect simple bow, and here's a tutorial to make a little fancier one, a la 2 Hearts B 1 style :)

C is for Calligraphy…

Ahhh, need we say more? Calligraphy is one of our specialties here at 2 Hearts B 1, and we love love love it…on everything! From place cards, to envelopes, to gift tags…you name it, we think it looks even more fab with a little calligraphy! This place card written in gold ink is especially festive for the holidays. Click here to view more posts featuring calligraphy!

That's it for today, come back on Wednesday to see what we have in store for D, E, and F!

Happy December!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

On this Thanksgiving Eve, we want to tell you, our wonderful readers, how thankful we are for you!
You make each day here at 2 Hearts B 1 Designs a joy and a pleasure. You inspire us, challenge us, and most importantly, encourage us to do what we love! Each and every project we're a part of, whether it's a wedding, a birthday, or a special dinner, is a privilege. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the special moments in your lives, the ones that we look back on for years to come! It truly is our honor and joy :)

{For more information on these letterpress thank you notes, contact us here}

We wish you all a lovely day tomorrow filled with family, friends, fun, and good food of course! And be sure to check back in on Friday, as we gear up for Christmas with our A to Z Holiday Guide!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

{Gift Idea} A Basketful of Thanks

Hi 2 Hearts readers!

We have a lovely gift basket to show you today, that would be perfect as a hostess gift or even a birthday gift. This basket is filled with all kinds of fall goodies, and anyone with an eye towards the simple pleasures and style will appreciate it.

The basket is filled with gourmet teas, chocolates, soaps, candles, and a few other personal items. We created this basket for a client, so the items are geared toward her preferences of course. If the person you're gifting this too likes to cook, try putting in a few pretty wine stoppers, festive spatulas, or dish towels. If they like to read, put a favorite magazine or book, and maybe a mini book light. If they are a foodie, put in some spiced nuts, some homemade treats, or a gift card to a favorite restaurant. The options are endless with personalizing a gift basket like this! While the central theme is fall, you can easily incorporate the tastes and style of the receiver by wrapping the items in coordinating papers and ribbons that echo the gorgeous colors of the season.

Also, our basket is on the larger side, but this concept can easily be scaled down and put in a smaller basket with a few thoughtful items. Why not show your thanks to the person hosting Thanksgiving this year (or to a special friend, or your child's teacher) by putting together a personalized, thoughtful gift basket like this one? Tie on a beautiful tag with their name written in calligraphy and you have a gift that is sure to let them know how much you care.

Friday, November 8, 2013

{Frosting Friday} More Baby Sprinkles!

Happy Friday!

Today we have another baby "sprinkle" to share with you today; this time, it's for little girl!
(If you missed the gender neutral baby sprinkle on Wednesday, go here).
Our dear friend Natalie is welcoming her first baby, and we couldn't have been more honored to design the invitations for her shower. Even though this is Natalie's first baby, we took the "sprinkle" concept to  a new level by making it more literal...sprinkling the invites with polka dots, and of course filling the shower itself with everything sprinkled! :)

Natalie's baby's room is going to be pink and black with a teddy bear theme, so we took those ideas and incorporated them into the invitation:

The back of the invitation gave all the information, and a tiny pink bow with a pearl finished it off. The invitation was placed in a metal tin, and beneath it, each guest finds a sweet surprise...

Sweet pink gummy bears of course!

 The entire tin is wrapped with a pink polka dot sash, addressed with a circle label, and sent!

Who wouldn't want to get one of these in the mail?

As you can imagine, there were plenty of sweets and treats to represent sugar and spice and everything nice! Like these cake pops and cupcakes from Sweet E's:

To see more pink, black, and white baby shower inspiration, visit our inspiration board here:

A special thank you to Natalie for allowing us to be a part of this special time! We can't wait to meet baby girl! :)

Have a sweet weekend!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

{Baby Shower Details} Green, White, & Gold Baby Sprinkle

Hi there! We hope you're having a fantastic week!

Today we're brining you this adorable green, white, and gold chevron "sprinkle" invitation. For those of you who aren't familiar with "sprinkles," it is a baby shower, but for a second (or third, etc.) baby. They are typically smaller and a bit more casual, so instead of a "shower," you're "sprinkling" the mom to be with love! :)

Our client came to us and let us know she wanted the sprinkle's color scheme to be kelly green, gold, and white. The other fun factor in this party? It was being held at Sprinkles Cupcakes! How apropos! :)

We started with a shimmer gold card stock, then printed the invitation on white card stock in kelly green and gold ink. The chevron pattern is fresh and modern, perfect for a "sprinkle"!

We also created coordinating thank you notes for the mom-to-be, so she could send her "sprinkle of thanks" to her guests afterward!

To see where we drew inspiration from for this design concept, visit our inspiration board here:

The green, gold, and white color palette is so fresh, modern, and fun. We can't wait to use it again for another project!

And don't forget, you can keep up with even more 2 Hearts happenings by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Bloglovin'!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
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