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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

{Wedding Wednesday} Tiffany-Inspired Bridal Shower Invitation

It's June, which means we are officially in full-fledged wedding season.
For those of you who are married (or are getting married in the near future), you know that it's not just the wedding that requires research, planning, and preparation. There's also the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, and day-after brunch to be thought about!

It's our goal here at 2 Hearts B 1 Designs to be a source of inspiration, ideas, and tips to help you with whatever wedding soirĂ©e you're hosting!

So today we're featuring one of our favorite bridal shower invitations to date...inspired by one of our favorite jewelry designers to date...can you guess? :)

Tiffany, of course! :)

Another reason we love this invitation (besides the fact that it reminds us of a sparkly little gift), is because the Tiffany-blue enclosure is perfect for this time of year. The fresh hue is reminiscent of summer...sparkling pools, the sound of the ocean, a refreshing cocktail.

The square enclosure is wrapped with a white satin ribbon, and finished off with a paper engagement ring. This lovely little ring has a "band" of shimmer silver card stock, and a "diamond" of textured glitter paper...fabulous!

This is one of those invitations that can be customized to your unique style, theme, or time of year.
This particular client was having her bridal shower smack dab in the middle of summer (July), and wanted to keep with bright, summer colors.

We designed a floral motif incorporating pinks, chartreuse green, and bright blue to complement the pool blue card stock.

Showcasing the bride-to-be's name in pink really makes it pop, along with small details embellished with touches of glitter, and a rhinestone on the "t" of her last name.
Our client chose chocolate brown as another accent color, so we used it for the vine and leaf of the floral motif, and also as the matting beneath the white card stock.

If you wanted to keep with a more traditional/classic Tiffany theme, you could leave out the floral motif and stick to using black and white as your accent colors, like we did with this one.

We have another Tiffany-inspired invitation to show you that we did for a sweet little girl's birthday party, so make sure to stop by next week!

And for more Tiffany-inspired ideas and coordinating details, check out our Pinterest board:

Have a great day!

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