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Sunday, March 13, 2011

{Party Accents} Sassy Little Cookies

Hello everyone, it's Kylie here! First of all I just want to say how excited I am to be a part of 2 Hearts B 1 Designs! I met Jillian a few years ago at a workshop she was teaching (they are fabulous if you have the chance to go!) and that's when I first learned of 2 Hearts B 1 and all the beautiful things she was doing. Her projects and appreciation for details inspired me, as I also share a passion for design, stationery, calligraphy, and event planning. A series of events led me to meeting with Jillian again and becoming her intern; and now, I am officially part of 2 Hearts B 1! I am truly honored to be working with such a talented, beautiful friend.

It is our goal to be a source of inspiration for your wedding and event detail needs :)

So now for my first post...

They're a little sassy, but super cute...lingerie cookies! I had a lot of fun making these cookies and have been anxious to share this fun idea with all of you!

I got this idea from the wonderful girls at HowDoesShe (see their great tutorial here).

I originally made these cookies for my husband for Valentine's Day. Shortly after, I was invited to a lingerie shower, and thought they would be an adorable addition to the desserts! These little cuties would be perfect for a lingerie shower or bachelorette party.

The original recipe calls for homemade sugar cookie dough and royal icing (both recipes can be found on the tutorial). I however, was a little crunched for time so I decided to try them the "semi-homemade" way, as Sandra Lee would say ;)

I used store-bought sugar cookie dough and store-bought frosting. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out your basic shapes. Then I tinted vanilla frosting to make the raspberry pink icing, and added black food coloring to chocolate frosting to get the black icing.

Here's a trick I learned from Sandra Lee--tint your store-bought frosting in the container, then put it in the microwave for 10 seconds (or until it's pouring consistency). I then poured it in a piping bag, and decorated the cookies (the same way they show in the tutorial).

I used the sprinkles shown on HowDoesShe, but you could always get creative and try some other varieties!

I used some leftover dough to make "I {heart} U" (since it was for Valentine's Day)...but for a bachelorette party you could always use any leftover dough to make the bride's initial, etc.

I thought they turned out pretty good the semi-homemade way!

I think I'll try the royal icing recipe when I have a bit more time, but this is a quick, fun way to add a bit of sass to any occasion ;) You should definitely give them a whirl for your next bachelorette party or lingerie shower!

If you try them, please share! We'd love to see pictures!

Happy baking!


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