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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday A to Z Guide :: J is for Jute Cord...

Today's holiday inspirations are all about details…the small, pretty details that make any gift or gathering special! So without further ado, let's get to it!

J is for Jute Cord…

Jute cord or twine is a strong cord made of natural fibers…in fact, it's made of the same material that burlap is made of. Jute cord gives any project a little bit of a rustic quality, and is a lovely addition to table details or gift wrap.


We created these menus last year for a gorgeous wedding in Santa Barbara wine country. The small jute detail gave them a pretty rustic elegance, and this idea could easily be modified for a holiday party menu or invitation.


A simple piece of jute cord tied around a pretty box is rustic elegance at it's best. So easy yet so effective!


This image actually segues perfectly into our next item, because it marries both jute cord and kraft paper together. They added a simple contrasting sash (how lovely would something in gold, or burgundy, or silver look for the holidays?) and made a beautiful gift anyone would love to receive.

K is for Kraft…

Ahh, how we love kraft. If you've followed our blog for awhile, you've heard us sing it's praises before, and we still love it. It can be used for any event detail (place cards, menus, invitations), not to mention gift wrap.

We love to use it as an envelope to give invitations that understated elegance that is always in style.

These place cards by Style Me Pretty would be a gorgeous touch to a holiday table.

And again, the simplicity of these packages tied with a beautiful bow would make a gorgeous statement under your Christmas tree!

Brown paper packages tied up with strings,
These are a few of my favorite things!

L is for Lace…

Lace is timeless, traditional, and classic. It can be used in subtle ways to keep your holiday feeling modern and pretty. We used lace in these wedding invitations to evoke a very elegant, romantic feel, and the same can be done for holiday details, especially when it comes to gift wrap.


When we came across these packages on Pinterest, we fell in love! They bring together lace and kraft, two of our favorite things! And one package even ties on an ornament with jute cord! Be still my heart...


And we loved this idea of tying a fresh sprig of pine to your package, with a tartan print, and red and white baker's twine. So. So. Cute.

M is for Monograms…

When you think monograms you may think weddings, but a monogram is a beautiful way to incorporate your family's name into holiday cards, return address labels, or even gift tags.

Jillian created this handwritten calligraphy monogram, and then used it as a motif for the couple's wedding invitations. They also incorporated it into tags to tie on the outside of the invitation, menus, and programs.

This idea could easily be modified for holiday gift tags; the monogram would be at the top, and instead of the wedding information, you'd have a simple "To" and "From." Gorgeous!

Or how about incorporating it into festive details like cocktail napkins, an art print, or even an ornament? So many ideas for cuteness, we can hardly stand it!

We hope today's ideas inspired you to play with the details for your next holiday affair…whether it's tying a simple piece of jute around a jar of goodies, adding a sash of lace to a package, or incorporating your monogram, there are so many ways to personalize and festive-ize (yes, I just made that word up) your holiday!

Happy wrapping and happy personalizing!

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