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Friday, August 17, 2012

{Frosting Friday} Frosty Margarita Bachelorette Party

How yummy does this look right now? :)

Photo via Pinterest

In this post we'll show you how this "frosty" beverage inspired this frosted bachelorette party invitation.

Our client asked us to design a bachelorette party invitation for her sister. They would be celebrating on a margarita fiesta cruise...sounds like a blast right?

We wanted the invitation to set the tone for the occasion with bright, summery colors and an enticing theme. We used a turquoise enclosure and an anchor motif to represent the water/cruising aspect of the party. 

The cotton cord tying the enclosure also coordinated with the boating theme, as well as gave it a corset-y feel. The margarita-green card stock dipped in glitter "rock salt" evokes the margarita that was part of our inspiration.

The bright pink, green, and turquoise color scheme say summer fun while while the sparkly "salt" on the top makes me want a margarita! :)

Cruising, dancing, margaritas with the girls...this bachelorette party is sure to be a fabulous time!

To see the rest of our inspiration for this invitation, check out our inspiration board on Pinterest.


Have a fabulous weekend!

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