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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Queen Takes King

Living in Hollywood means sometimes being a part of amazing events!!
Recently, I was pleased to be a part of a signing for the launch of Gigi Grazer's new book Queen Takes King. I wanted to share a few pictures and tips with you guys from the big event.
The party took place at the Luau in Beverly Hills. The Luau is a newly reopened Hawaiian restaurant on Bedford drive. The decor is very neutral, as seen in the picture below. My job was to make the party a little more jazzy and link the decor to the theme of the book and the colors of the books cover.
It was easy to pick colors, I just had to match Gigi's cover. The tones of green and blue with touches of a blinged out silver made a real impact against the taupes, creams and whites of Luau.

To start with I chose a white tablecloth. White can be a base for any combination when setting a table, and most homes and restaurants have bone white plates and bowls that match a white cloth perfectly. I find it is easier to work with white than trying to match the various hues of cream cloths.
Next I made a simple, yet striking table runner. Runners do not have to be custom sewn, nor do you have to settle for a store bought one that doesn't match your decor. Instead, an easy affordable option is a paper runner.
First, I chose a thick green stock. I cut that down and ran it the length of the table. Don't worry about seams. Once the table is set they melt away.
Because, the cover of Gigi's book has an awesome glittery chess piece i decided to mimic that on the runner. I bought some glitter wrapping paper from Paper Source and cut it about 6 inches thinner than the green base layer. This way I had a nice border of the green surrounding the silver.

When setting a table I like to look for fun and individual touches that suit the mood of the party. I hand wrote all the menus and table cards. Again, I tied in green and blue and used a more casual and modern style of calligraphy.
Because this was a ladies event I played off the "queen" of the title and used tiaras as place card holders. You never have to settle for boring, and it is those special touches that make an event zing!!
Luau made a wonderful cocktail that tied in not only to the Hawaiian flare of the restaurant but the color scheme of the party as well. There are so many fun drinks out there these days!! Pink Cosmos, Orange Bloody Mary's, Tequila Sunrises always look great on a table. And my fave is always a yummy fresh green mojito. Don't think that decor has to be inedible. When planning a party the food and drink can and should be just as pleasing to the eye as to the tummy.
Each seat also had cards that could be used to start some pretty racy conversations. they made the event not only about the book but also about the theme of the book.

Lastly, I added purely decorative touches like the white chess pieces and simple crisp white flowers to the table to complete the look.
I think it made this table evoke the vibe of Gigi's book.
She did too.
This photo of her was featured in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar.
Look at my table. I am so proud!!!

Until next time; PARTY ON!!

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Shauna said...

Hi Jill! Wow, what an amazing experience. I'm so happy for you. I was particularly excited to see this was for an author too. My recent joy in life is writing and I'd love to be an author some day. Maybe if or when (ha!) I make it big you can do an event for me too! :-) I also LOVE the tiara over the drink, what an awesome touch. And to match the colors and theme with the book is so cool too. Great job Jill!

By the way, I just found your blog through facebook and I'm glad I stopped by. I also have a blog for my reading/writing journey called Read~Write~Review at where I talk about books, writing, movies, music, etc. if you'd like to check it out.

Take care & keep up the good work!

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