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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Simple Gifts

Some of the sweetest gifts are not those that are elaborate, expensive, or extravagant--rather, they are thoughtful, personal, and customized to the likes of the person who receives it.

This time of year, when holiday shopping is going full steam, why not try something different? Perhaps something handmade, like a scarf or a hat, if you have knitting skills. Or as I love doing,  something homemade. Think baked, yummy, deliciousness. Oh yeah. Whatever it is, just keep the receiver of the gift in mind, and cater to his or her tastes and delights.

Here are a few gifts I gave recently that came directly from my kitchen.

Homemade pumpkin bread. I simply wrapped in wax paper, made a kraft paper sash, and tied with festive red and white twine.

A simple tag with the receiver's name in calligraphy gives it a personal, elegant touch. 

Here's another gift created with the receiver in mind. This particular guy works for a motorcycle racing team and loves sweets, so I put some of his favorite desserts (oatmeal raisin cookies and caramel brownies) in a galvanized tub (to keep it masculine). A bottle of milk with a straw completes the sweet collection, along with a simple personalized tag with his name in calligraphy.

A handwritten tag can take a gift from nice to delightful, from personal to customized.

If you'd like a customized gift tag to coordinate with some of your holiday gifts, email us at

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