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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines & Vows

This post speaks directly to our married readers ;)

{But if you're not married, you can certainly take some inspiration from this post too!}

Want to wow your sweetie this Valentine's Day with a gift that's
heartfelt, thoughtful, & timelessly beautiful?

Then take a cue from this sweet couple we had the honor of working with.

For a first year anniversary, the traditional gift to give is paper.
John came to us on a mission to write out their wedding vows as a gift to have framed & adorn to forever remember those precious words that were spoken on that heavenly day!

Jillian wrote out their vows in calligraphy using a midnight black ink, on Crane's Lettra card stock.

What a sweet way to show your husband or wife how dear they are to your heart!
This will preserve and display those vows in a beautiful way.

Frame these and display them in your bedroom or wherever you'd like a lovely reminder of
the love you've chosen together.
So, husbands out there take note...wink, wink!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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