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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Irish Charm

With St. Patrick's Day coming this weekend, I wanted to share a few images from a trip my husband and I took to Ireland last spring. This was a view point from Blarney's Castle.

 Ahhh....isn't it beautiful?

Blarney Castle was built nearly six hundred years ago by one of Ireland's greatest chieftains,
Cormac MacCarthy, and has been attracting attention beyond Munster ever since. Over the last few hundred years, millions have flocked to Blarney, making it a world landmark and
one of Ireland's greatest treasures.
Now that might have something to do with the Blarney Stone, the legendary Stone of Eloquence, found at the top of the Tower. Kiss it and you'll never again be lost for words.

We went with our good friends Holly and Aaron, and had a splendid time
touring this amazing country.

We toured the Guinness brewery...

Learned how to pour the perfect pint. Who knew there was such an art to pouring a beer, but the Irish definitely take their brewin' seriously. Not much of a beer girl, but once you experience Ireland, I definitely learned to appreciate the joy of a tall dark one!
Men and beer ;)
It was delicious and a wonderful time was had by all!

Our trip inspired me to send St. Patrick's Day cards in honor of our wonderful time...

I used a Kraft colored card stock as my folded 5x7 card, and adhered a four leaf clover die cut to the front. I wrote "get lucky" in calligraphy with black ink.

As I hope the four leaf clover brings a little luck to y'all.
With this shamrock, I embellished the edges with green glitter.
An eggplant envelope is the perfect complement to the brown and green tones in the card.

On the inside, I adhered a photo collage of our trip, and printed a sweet saying for our friends
and family to commemorate the occasion.

For more St. Patrick's Day ideas and inspiration, check out our St. Patty's Day Pinterest board:

What are you doing for St. Patty's Day?
May you grab yourself a glass of green beer,
get the chance to enjoy happy hour all day long
and hopefully end St. Patrick's Day by "getting lucky!"

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