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Monday, April 7, 2014

{Calligraphy Monday} A Little Bit of Burlap...

If you do a search on Pinterest for "burlap," you'll come up with a thousand amazing uses for this unassuming textile. From table runners to wreaths, pillow covers to hair bows, there are so.many.ways to use it!

We thought we'd add to the repertoire of ideas with this simple concept for a place card:

Simply take a thin strip of burlap, and attach it to the bottom of your place card as a border. We attached it using staples to give it even more of a 'rustic' feel--but you could also use hot glue, or perhaps even super tape, to get the job done.

A simple calligraphy style for your guests' names completes the look.


Can't you see this on the tables for a rustic wedding, or even a special birthday?
The burlap can be taken into other elements of the table, or just kept on the place cards for a little texture.

Are you still using burlap for your parties and events? Do you think it will be around for awhile longer? What do you think the next "in" fabric or texture will be?

Have a wonderful Monday!

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