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Monday, July 28, 2014

{Calligraphy Monday} Family Tree Project

One of the best parts about doing what we do is getting to know our clients on a personal level.
Oftentimes we share in aspects of their lives that are not only personal and important, but are memories in the making. It is truly a privilege.

One recent example of this privilege is when we had the opportunity to create and illustrate a family tree project for a client.

After hours of planning how the design would look in a large, illustrated format, Jillian began the process of meticulously writing each person's name, years, and important locations on the paper.

She also drew the illustrations by hand, based on inspirations from the client.

The family crests were incorporated as well.

What an honor it was to share in the history of this client's family!
The time, planning, and attention to detail paid off to create a family heirloom that will hopefully be treasured for generations to come! Thank you, Lou, for allowing us to help you create this special representation of your family's history.

We also wanted to remind our readers that we will be participating in West Elm Santa Monica's Bridal Event this Sunday, August 3rd, from 12 to 2pm!

*As of today, there were 20 spots left!
Don't forget you MUST rsvp in order to attend!*
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Have a great week! :)

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