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Monday, June 8, 2015

{Momentous Monday} A 21st Birthday with an Exciting Twirl

Oh, birthdays. They are the best, especially 
when celebrated with family and friends and marking such a milestone! 

Jillian's brother Jaycee was turning 21 and of course,
that meant BIRTHDAY BASH for the Birthday Boy! 

But, it was a surprise (as some of the best birthday parties can be!).
Surprise Birthday Bash!
Jillian designed around the delightfully playful theme of "Manly Mustache", and went all out using a gray chevron pattern and, of course, a mustache, paired with a dashing bow tie.

Cake and Cupcakes!
Scrumptious designs by My Little Cupcake Bakery!
What birthday is complete with out cake and a few cupcakes!

Oh! To turn 21 every year!

Here's the Birthday Boy, now!
Happy Birthday, JC!

More Mustache Madness!
Jillian and Azi, sporting some very winsome mustaches!

And some sweet sendoffs...

...and tempting treats! 
Fetching favors, shots of chocolate candies and kisses!

Such a great way to welcome JC back from his 21st trip around the sun! 

Happy Birthday!
Enjoying a well-deserved strawberry daiquiri, woo hoo :)

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