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Monday, July 29, 2013

{Calligraphy Monday} A Stylish Monogram

Hello 2 Hearts readers!

We've missed you! We've been a little quiet on the blog the last week or so, as it's been a bit of a whirlwind tying up the details on some wonderful projects...but we're back and we're glad you're here! :)

This morning we're sharing this beautiful calligraphy monogram designed by Jillian...

This is Jillian's own beautiful calligraphy fashioned into a gorgeous work of (personal) art.

How lovely will this be on wedding stationery, personal stationery, or as a return address stamp?

If you've never had your monogram created (either for you and your spouse, or for yourself), we highly recommend it! Many times people think beautiful monograms are just for weddings, but something like this can be used for so many purposes, for years to come. A custom monogram for a birth announcement is a lovely idea, or for a young person graduating, needing personalized stationery and moving on to the next of their life.

You can have a custom monogram made into a stamp, embroidered on linens, or printed on cocktail napkins...the options are endless! If you'd like more information on having Jillian create your custom monogram, please contact us, and we'd be happy to help! The calligraphy style above is just one of many styles Jillian can design; and don't forget, there's always print options too!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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