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Monday, August 26, 2013

{Calligraphy Monday} One Year Anniversary Gift

Pop quiz!

Who knows what the traditional one year anniversary gift is? :)

We'll give you a hint, based on the pictures of this one year anniversary gift we created for a client.

If you guessed paper, you're right! :)

Paper is the traditional first year anniversary gift in the U.S. 

Bonus point if you can name the modern first anniversary gift!

Here's another clue...




Is your mouth watering yet? ;)

Chocolate is the modern gift; how is one to choose?

Wedding vows written in calligraphy is such a treasured, special gift. Get creative with your 'paper' gift and have your vows written out like the example above, then framed and displayed in your home, or have custom stationery designed for them (or for you as a couple!) 

We love the idea of tradition mixed with modern elements, so why not spoil your spouse with a gift of beautiful paper and delectable gourmet chocolates? A gift for the eyes and the tastebuds is sure to please :)

And you could get extra creative with chocolates bedecked with your monogram in calligraphy:


See how fun modern tradition can be?

Have a wonderful Monday!

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