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Monday, February 10, 2014

{Calligraphy Monday} 52 Reasons

Hi there!

You may remember the the post we did last week for an adorable Valentine's Day (or birthday) gift idea, called "10 Reasons Why I Love You." Well, today we're bringing you 52 Reasons. The same sweet client ordered this project (isn't she creative?) for her husband's 52nd birthday, and we love the result! 

(You'll have to excuse the photo quality; unfortunately this was the only picture we were able to snap of the project!)

Here it is in a little better lighting (pre-frame):

This photo was taken before our client framed it, and it was created to look like a wrapped present.

Just another way you can show your loved one (whether it's a husband, daughter, son, sister, brother, or friend) how much you love them! You can do this for a milestone birthday, Valentine's Day, or even just-because :)

Have a great Monday!

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