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Friday, May 30, 2014

Last Week...

It's been a little quiet on the blog lately, and that's because the last few weeks have been filled with travel and inspiring ventures to fuel the year ahead. Most notably, we made our annual trip to the National Stationery Show in NYC…be still my heart :)

I thought I'd share some pics from the trip that were most inspiring and sparked lots of ideas for things to come!

First up, one of our favorites, Sugar Paper. How fun and gorgeous is this card? This was my favorite card from the trip.

Secondly, this birthday party-in-a-box by Tops Malibu…fabulous idea!

And I just loved these adorable little "Slip-Its"--notes you can slip to someone anytime, anywhere! These cuties were created by The Pink Orange.

These sweet notes by Paper Lovely express sentiments perfect for your significant other or even a bestie…they say, "We go together like…" with adorable pictures of PB&J, syrup & pancakes, ketchup & mustard, etc.

We also loved these bridal note pads and stationery sets by Cynla.

Last but definitely not least, one of the highlights of my trip was meeting the sweet Bonnie Marcus…she is such an inspiration, I just love her!

So those were a few highlights of the show, hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite items! I'm already looking forward to next year!

Have a fabulous weekend and we'll see you next week with more of our latest projects :)

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